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publish_actions permission error

Are you in a situation of asking for the new "login review"? If so, I suspect (not sure) that Facebook checks that you, as the admin of the app, also uses the app and go through the relevant logic. I may be wrong, but see if it helps.

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Is Pcanvas support double click actions to zoom instead of drag actions?
PDragSequenceEventHandler simplifies implementation of handlers that are based on mouse dragging events. In your case you can derive from PBasicInputEventHandler. Also, you can add as many event listeners as you need, just make sure they don't interfere with each other. Read more about event listeners in Adding User Interaction. Below is an example of a zoom handler that reacts to a mouse wheel

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Django and Apache2 error - You don't have permission to access / on this server
This bit doesn't look right: activate_env=os.path.expanduser("~/opt/teenvestor/bin/") Where is your virtualenv? In /opt or ~/opt? They are two different places. Everywhere else, you're referring to /opt.

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libvirt-php receives the error: unable to connect to server Permission denied
By default authentication mechanism for libvirtd TCP connection is SASL. Till now TCP connection is listening and now we have to configure SASL based authentication. Edit /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf, they are using auth_tcp = "none", but use auth_tcp = "sasl" if not done already. Now execute the following command. sudo saslpasswd2 -a libvirt fred Password: fred Again (for verification): fred In

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What does it mean by "actions are taken" in ECMAScript 5?
What the excerpt is saying is that if value is a host object such as a Document, then it's up to the implementation to decide what new Object(value) will do ("actions are taken […] in an implementation-dependent manner that may depend on" value) and what value it will return ("a result is returned in an implementation-dependent manner that may depend on" value). Even if value is a host obj

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Can't publish on Google Play Store
Try to update your sdk or you can run zipalign manually in command line zipalign [-f] [-v] <alignment> infile.apk outfile.apk Note that zipalign is located inside ${sdk.dir} ools Link to zipalign:

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