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Copying ArrayList to same and subtype ArrayLists?

In your second for loop you have:

for (int i = 1; i <
orderProcessor.size(); i++){

If orderProcessor only had 1 order in it, then it would never get added to your coumputerPart arrayList because i would not be less than orderProcessor.size(). You can also check the types of your sub classes to add them into the correct ArrayList. Like this (with the int i = 0 fix):

for (int i = 0; i <
orderProcessor.size(); i++){
    if (orderProcessor.elementAt(i) instanceof

*(I would've commented on this, but I don't have enough rep points...)

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Indexes in Java begin at 0. The 7th element has the index 6. Moreover, you have to convert the String to int in order to be properly compared. Try this : Comparator<ArrayList<String>> cmp = new Comparator<ArrayList<String>>() { public int compare(ArrayList<String> a1, ArrayList<String> a2) { // TODO check for null value return new Integ

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The main issue is that your details can have missing data. For example it has the size=5. Then your method will crush with IndexOutOfBounds. Your details list should contain a Person object which has all the details you want and then just use them to fill other lists.

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may sound hackish but you can do like some other users suggested and call public Object getByBarcode(String barcode, Class<T> classy) { ArrayList<Items> items = null; if(classy.class.getSimpleName().equals(Book.class.getSimpleName())) items = bookArray; else if(classy.class.getSimpleName().equals(Magazine.class.getSimpleName())) items = magazineArray; else

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To be able to use methods to find and search like contains your custom class MUST implement correctly the hasCode and equals methods. Here is the link about the implementing hasCode and here about implementing equals. It is Java Best Practises website that I like very much and from where I've learned about it.

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