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Uninitialized value in concatenation

You are using the File::stat module. This module implements a stat functionality that overrides Perl's built-in. And it returns an object instead of a list. So this:

my $sb = (stat($file))[7];

Causes $sb to be undefined, because there is only 1 object in the list. What you do is use the modules functions instead:

my $sb = stat($file)->size();

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Use of uninitialized value after fetchrow()
There is no documented fetchrow. You should use fetchrow_array instead. The problem is that DBI returns a value of undef for values set to NULL in the database. So my $config = $sth->fetchrow_array sets $config to undef either if there are no matching rows found in the table, or if the row found has a value of NULL for config. That means it can't be used to test whether there are any matching

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Concatenation of 4 input fields
You're calling val() which retrieves the value of the field as a String or Number, and then you're calling val on that, which would return undefined. undefined + undefined == NaN. Just sum your variables: var time = time1 + time2 + time3 + time4;

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String concatenation in stringtemplate
Not sure whether such concatenation is possible in string template. Why don't you use a different method that could do the concatenation and return the value. e.g: position.fullQid instead of position.qid where, public String getFullQid(){ return getQid() + ".qid"; }

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SQL Server Concatenation & Display in VB
To concatenate int and varchar , First you should convert int to varchar convert(varchar,anyint)+' '+'varchar string'; it will remove your : Conversion failed ERROR

Categories : Sql Server
Compiler not detecting obviously uninitialized variable
The obviousness with which this variable is not initialized is overstated. Path analysis costs time and your compiler vendors either didn't want to implement the feature or thought it would cost you too much time -- or you just didn't explicitly opt-in. For example, with clang: $ clang -Wall -Wextra -c obvious.c $ clang -Wall -Wextra --analyze -c obvious.c obvious.c:9:11: warning: The right o

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Uninitialized value in concatenation
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