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Users not able to sign in using Parse

Make sure your login use the same parse init session as main activity.

Create new user in your app.

Verify parse dashboard shows the new entry in User table.

Use curl to log on to your app from terminal session ( cmd) if on windows os.

If u can curl cli log on following log on instruction in parse rest Api docs, then u know u r log on activity has bug.

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I assume you know how to use table view. So I'll implement it this way: 1.create a property @property (nonatomic) NSArray *users; 2.In viewDidAppear execute the query: PFQuery *query = [PFUser query]; [query setLimit:1000]; [query findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock:^(NSArray *objects, NSError *error) { if (!error) { self.users = objects; [self.tableView reloadData]; } }

Categories : IOS list users that don't have relations with current user
I'm not using php, but you could try to use notEqualTo constraint to 'follow' with current user. Something like query.notEqualTo('follow', Parse.User.current()); in js

Categories : PHP
rails newbie: upon resource creation, render :location returns localhost:3000/ instead of localhost:3000/users/id
Here is the solution: def create user = User.create(name: params[:user]) render :json => JSON.pretty_generate(user.as_json), :status => 200, content_type: 'application/json', location: url_for(user) # you did mistake here. end I hope this will help!

Categories : Ruby On Rails
How can I cache a csv for Papa Parse to parse?
The browser and server you're downloading the CSV file from should negotiate caching for you; I might misunderstand but I'm not sure what Papa Parse would have to do with that. For last modified date, if the file happens to be selected by the user with a <input type="file"> element on the page, you can access the File object and check its lastModified or lastModifiedDate properties (at leas

Categories : Javascript
Add 'Online Users' area
I did similar thing in one of our applications some time ago. Bind an Ajax call to some event like click or mousemove. In that call write the timestamp to the active_users table. Write another function to query this table and select users with timestamp older than say 5 min. Call this via Ajax as well in specific time intervals or on broeser event.

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