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How to pre-allocate max heap space on Android

... is there a way to pre-allocate the max heap size so that the heap doesn't have to keep growing?

I don't think so. Reading through the Android memory management article reveals nothing.

In classic Java, you can set an initial heap size to avoid the performance overhead of continually growing the heap. But the assumption on Android seems to be that you should be trying to minimize memory usage at all times.

You might get some "joy" if you simply allocate a very large array and immediately make it unreachable. The GC should grow the heap so that it can hold the array ... and the space occupied by the array will typically be recycled and made available on the next GC cycle. On the other hand, when the GC reclaims a huge amount of memory, it might shrink the heap to give most of the space back to the operating system.

Having said that, you would probably be advised to change your app so that it doesn't need to hold lots of images in memory. It sounds to me like you might have a memory leak of some type. Read these links:

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You are asking the wrong question. You should be trying to figure out how to make your application less memory-hungry, not trying to find workarounds for specific vendors/OEMs. For some guidance, this article is particularly helpful: Managing Your App's Memory. Since you mentioned that you are attempting to use the largeHeap attribute in your manifest, you might want to read the following snippet

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$capture_field_vals=Array(); foreach($_POST["mytext"] as $key => $text_field){ array_push($capture_field_vals,$text_field); } Then $insert2 = "INSERT INTO tabel2(number1, number2, number3, number4) VALUES('$capture_field_vals[0]','$capture_field_vals[1]','$capture_field_vals[2]','$capture_field_vals[3]')";

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Maybe adding this line in Manifest on application tags will help you; <application ... ... android:largeHeap="true" > ...... ...... </application>

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