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Best library for setting up GET request for a Java machine learning service

If you want to create a web service to allow upload of pictures and proccess HTTP requests you need a server like Apache Tomcat or many others. Then you can use libraries like Jersey to access your methods.

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How to replace Machine Name with Domain name in WCF Service
Thanks for your response Tom. I fixed this issue using <behavior name="MyServiceBehaviour"> <serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="true" /> <useRequestHeadersForMetadataAddress /> </behavior>

Categories : Wcf
Setting Up Rails to Receive HTTP POST Request
Should be that easy, though you will need to add a route to your routes.rb file as well specifying POST as the HTTP verb and pointing it to sessions#create. You also might want to use strong parameters just to validate what parameters are required and which you'll accept. As a heads up, I'm not entirely sure what "{"r": "t"}" + req is supposed to represent. It looks like req would be undefined

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Windows service is not finding the connection string for an external library
Thanks for the input. Guess I just had a bad project. Started a brand new project, same code and everything and it works fine now. Had that happen once before with an MVC project, 3 months of development in and all the sudden nothing worked. Had to create a new project and copy all the same code over and worked fine. Think that one was vs 2013 also, but can't remember. Thanx

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Trying to post SOAP request from portable class library
I don't get the same error message when I copy and paste your code. Make sure HttpWebRequest is from System.Net namespace though. The documentation says Headers.Add methods are all public. Also, try different overload methods. There are: Add(NameValueCollection) Add(String) Add(HttpRequestHeader, String) Add(HttpResponseHeader, String) Add(String, String) More info:

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transfer the data from local machine to remote machine by using batch script.Is it possible or not..?
Create a batch file using the below steps and add the necessary credentials and path to copy the files: Open a command prompt > type copy con filename.bat > press Enter key > feed the necessary details as shown in the screenshot > press Ctrl+Z to save the .bat file. Now, double click the bat file to execute the copy operations.

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