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Keeping PageView Fragment's View from disposal

The class MainPagerAdapter is already using FragmentPagerAdapter which keeps the created Fragments in memory. You can go one step further and add the method setRetainInstance(true) to each Fragment in the ViewPager. This should work. You can read more about this here.

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Thread safe disposal of WCF service
Or any other suggestions? Just follow the rule "one thread - one client". There's no reason to share database connections, http clients, service clients and so on between threads. As a rule, all of these objects has a tiny state, and any efforts to minimize resource usage via sharing them is a headache, since you need to synchronize cross-thread access to prevent objects' state from corrupti

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Fragment application displaying 2 instances of the same fragment in Android Studio
What is the problem here? If you use the <fragment> tag, do not also use a FragmentTransaction to add the same fragment. Those are two separate techniques and should not be mixed. Simply get rid of every line from onCreate() except the call to super.onCreate() and the setContentView() call, and stick with your static <fragment>.

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When switch fragment with SwipeRefreshLayout during refreshing, fragment freezes but actually still work
Well... After some struggling I eventually solved this problem by myself, in a tricky way... I just need to add these in onPause() : @Override public void onPause() { super.onPause(); ... if (mSwipeRefreshLayout!=null) { mSwipeRefreshLayout.setRefreshing(false); mSwipeRefreshLayout.destroyDrawingCache(); mSwipeRefreshLayout.clearAnimation(); } }

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Viewpager in fragment not getting updated when navigating back to fragment
Finally I found the solution. Issue was in initialisation of my viewPager. I need to initiate it by, pager.setAdapter(new ImagePagerAdapter(this.getChildFragmentManager())); instead of pager.setAdapter(new ImagePagerAdapter(this.getFragmentManager())); I had refered FragmentPagerAdapter getItem is not being triggered accepted answer. Hope it might help someone who is facin

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How can I add a row to a ListView in one Fragment by clicking the button in another Fragment?
Your problem is that you are creating your fragments in your activity's onCreate, again in your pager adapter, and once more in onButtonClicked (FragmentB). You should only be creating them once. Since you are doing all of this inside your Activity, the easiest would be to keep references to your fragments in Activity fields. However, you need to make sure you handle the case of your activity gett

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