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I am new at programming an I am receiving a few different error messages when trying to use an add button for a txtarea from a txtfield

I have the following error codes:

Those are not "error codes". They are part of a Java stacktrace.

If we can see the entire stacktrace, then it may be possible to figure out what it means. However, the lines you have included provided nothing that can (realistically) be used for diagnostic purposes.

You added this:

java.util.UnknownFormatConversionExceptio n: Conversion = '-'

This is telling us that somewhere in your code you are directly or indirectly using a Format (or similar) to generate or parse a string. It would appear that the format string is incorrect.

My guess is that this is happening in your showStudents() method, but without a complete stacktrace (and the code of that method) it is not possible to be sure.

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