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android block map generation through text file

  • Firstly, You don't need an array with all the map info, what you need is a 2D array of tiles. The tile object will contain all the info like the image, isSolid, etc.
  • Secondly, You will always have the player visible, so that acts as your anchor, Only show the tiles around your player and render that to the screen. Its makes no sense to render the tiles that will not be rendered on the screen e.g., If the player is at the center and the screen renders 5x5 tiles then +/- 2 tiles of the player tile. Same goes for checking if the tile is visible No, need to check all
  • Lastly, Again you don't need to check the player collision with all the obstacles, only need to check collision with the tile that the player is going to move on.

Hope it helps.

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