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Passing data from listview

Thanks for the reply but I do not get what I want, when I pick up the data from the database and pick them up

arrayList.add (createList ("value" name));

With the index or value

But I have solved:

int start = myData.indexOf("="); int end = myData.indexOf("}", start + 1); nombre.setText(myData.substring(start + 1, end));

is not an elegant solution, but eventually get him in the EditText name.

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There are several ways of solving that, to me I think using SimpleAdapter is the simplest way. Make a List of HashMap of string and object. Create your layout, populate your List with the text and icons you wish to use and pass the layout and List to your SimpleAdapter constructor. Something like: List<HashMap<String, Object>> menuItemNames = new ArrayList<HashMap<String,Obj

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You should do something like this : final DiveProfile diverObjectTask = mTasks.get(position); holder.diveTime.setText(diverObjectTask.getDiveTie()); //also set your CheckBox value Those values become empty because you dont set it in the getView (getView automatically getting called when the list scrolled) UPDATE Looking at your problem, i think the easiest way is to create new variables in Di

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