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Rails4 | Paperclip: image is uploaded but it doesn't displays well (strange url is returned)

That is what Paperclip uses for cache-busting. If you want to remove it, just call @user.avatar.url(:original, timestamp: false)

You can also disable this globally by putting the following in the config/initializers/paperclip.rb file.

= false

This answer explains why you may want cache-busting in place though.

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Looks like your issue is related to a recent commit which doesn't properly escape the timestamp. A temporary workaround is to disable the timestamp while a fix is worked-out. For individual calls @company.avatar.url(:thumb, timestamp:false) Or you can disable this globally but putting the following line within your config/initializers/paperclip.rb file. Paperclip::Attachment.default_options[:

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Two issues here: Paperclip w/ Rails will often require you to add \ in front of < or > characters, as in 1280x\> Also, Paperclip always needs those x's, even when just doing width (1280x\> and not 1280\>). Here's my full solution for setting max width to 1280 when above 600Kb and not a .gif: has_attached_file :main_image, :styles => {:original => "" }, :convert_opti

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When uploading a file, you don't need to save it to disk on the server - simply read the upload IO (see here): view.erb: <%= form_tag({action: :upload}, multipart: true) do %> <%= file_field_tag 'xml' %> <% end %> <%= form_for @upload do |f| %> <%= f.file_field :xml %> <% end %> controller: uploaded_io = params[:upload][:xml] string_complete = uploaded

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Copy uploaded image to another folder
Instead of copy($key, "image_thumbnail/" . $_FILES['images']['name'][$i]); use this copy("image/" . $_FILES['images']['name'][$i], "image_thumbnail/" . $_FILES['images']['name'][$i]);

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