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Set 4 space Tab in Netbeans?

To make Netbeans tab for 4 spaces: press "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Formatting". There should be a text field "Tab size" Netbeans tab spacing to set the tabbing size.

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Why does a dynamically linked executable on Linux have the complete memory space of libc in its own memory space?
Why does the system map the whole libc and ld shared objects into the process' memory range? I thought there would only be a pointer to the libc which is loaded in memory only once systemwide? It does map it once systemwide, then it maps those pages into each process' virtual memory address space. Those pages are shared by every process (at least the read-only parts) You can't just hav

Categories : C++
How to refresh custom bean in NetBeans?
For this purpose I've broken down this structure in multiple custom beans extending JPanel. And in the main Panel I've included them by Choose Bean button in the palette toolbar. Just as a starter I'd like to say it is a perfectly valid apporach and for future visitors, you are following the steps described here to add your panels to the main panel. The same can be done via drag & dro

Categories : Java
Why am I not able to create a new node for my struct in C ? ( using Netbeans )
There is no new (and delete) operator in C. You have to use standard function malloc (and free) declared un header <stdlib.h> instead. Take into account that this structure definition struct node{ int info; node *link; }; is invalid in C. You have to use tag struct in the definition of link. For example struct node { int info; struct node *link; }; And function main in C an

Categories : C
Automatically create Timer in Netbeans
TimerSessionBean is a singleton session bean that shows how to set both an automatic timer and a programmatic timer. In the source code listing of TimerSessionBean that follows, the setTimer and @Timeout methods are used to set a programmatic timer. A TimerService instance is injected by the container when the bean is created. Because it’s a business method, setTimer is exposed to the local, no-

Categories : Mysql
compile java source 1.7 for 1.6 with Maven and Netbeans
EDIT Sorry it's the other way around. You can compile source 1.6 and target 1.7 but you can't compile it when source version > target version because then it couldn't handle new features of the language. For more detail about this see Cross-Compilation Options in javac documentation If you would have 1.6 sources you could c

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