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WebEssentials less support not working

I tracked down a way to fix this with the current version of WE (the issue is due to either NodeJS not being packed right or extracted right - not sure which). So to fix this simply reinstall node and set the modules back up

  • Locate the path where WE is installed
  • Should be something like C:Users$usernameAPPDATALOCALMICROSOFTVISUALSTUDIO12.0Extensions$random_folder

  • Run the commands necessary to reinstall node & set the modules back up

I made a powershell script to do this for you open powershell and run

iex ((new-object

You can view the script here.


An update has been released to address this problem

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CORS support for Jax-rs 2 AsyncResponse?
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Zk support in IntelliJ IDEA
There is not as far as I know. If you look through the IntelliJ's YouTrack there is an open feature request for ZK support. But even though it has quite a lot of votes the last activity is from a year ago. There is also no plugin available in unofficial IntelliJ plugin repositories.

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Support GPS in Tablet not embedded
You can use the Mock GPS facility in android to test your app. Of course you will not get the real location.

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