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How to make a custom server run in a cluster

You might take a look at wich can give you this infrastructure. If you're looking for a professional solution you can search for google cloud or amazonws.

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How to set up automatic failover to a standby MT cluster from a dedicated cluster?
There are a few options Install a load balancer (e.g. Amazon ELB) and connect the two clusters: Cloudant cluster A (the primary cluster) Cloudant cluster B (the MT backup cluster) The load balancer can then load balance between the two, or do logic like "if I can't see B, send traffic to A". Build functionality to handle switchover in your application layer but arguably using a LB is cleaner

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Custom Server with peerjs - no documentation has left me clueless
You don't handle calls in the server.js file. The peer server is only for signalling. See this basic signalling server You just need this to connect browser peers and make video connections among them. Try the examples on and work your way up, ie: make a call: var getUserMedia = navigator.getUserMedia || navigator.webkitGetUserMedia || navigator.mozGetUserMedia; getUserMedia({vide

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Zookeeper cluster set up
have you started zookeeper in all the three nodes ? In a multi-cluster set up (assuming you have a distributed environment with multiple machines) every server knows about the other nodes present in the cluster known as ensemble. It does this by looking at the following piece of line in the zoo.cfg file. server.1=zoo1:2888:3888 server.2=zoo2:2888:3888 In multi-cluster set up doc page it

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How to find the right cluster algorithm?
Try Mclust from the mclust package, it will try to fit a Gaussian mixture on your data. The default behavior: mc = Mclust(matrix); points(t(mc$parameters$mean)); plot(mc); .. will find 4 groups, but you might be able to force it to 2 or to force the correlation structure for the Gaussians to be stretched in the right direction. Be aware that it'll be hard to interpret and justify the meaning o

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Cluster variables together and run ANOVA
I don't have the code on me, but originally I was aiming for a sophisticated method to cluster variables together with minimal errors. Instead, I opted for two methods when combining the variables: 1) averaging the groups; 2) summing up the groups. One should note, however, that the selected method has an impact on the output (i.e., beta weights, marginal means, etc.) - p-values remain the same.

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