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Liferay Dynamic Subquery on two tables

Take a look at Custom SQL for joins:

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jQuery Tablesorter and dynamic tables
Adding $(function () { $('#ItemsGrid').tablesorter({ widgets: ['zebra', 'columns'], usNumberFormat: false, sortReset: true, sortRestart: true }); }); To the end of displayItemsGrid() did the trick.

Categories : C#
Extremely slow perfomance with large dynamic tables
As I mentioned in the issue that was opened, it isn't reasonable to try to display 10k rows all at once. No one with a mobile device will use your site because it will take too long to load. Your best bet would be to serve a subset of your data using ajax. There is a pager widget example showing how you can interact with your server. That being said, you would have to perform the sorting and filt

Categories : Javascript
ASP.Net Dynamic Data - Show Columns from Two Tables as Single Entity
You can create an anonymous type for the data: var docs = context.Documents.SelectMany(d => new { d.DocumentId, d.DocumentName, d.DocumentType, d.CustomerId, d.Customer.CustomerName }); Alternatively, it is likely preferable to put this into a concrete class: public class CustomerDocument { public int DocumentId { get; set; } public

Categories : Asp Net
How to change subQuery to Co-related Subquery?
I think this is what you're looking for. Just move the query into the FROM section and use a JOIN to filter the results based on the same conditions you had in the WHERE clause, except this time you reference the result set (RS) returned by the subquery. SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM AdventureWorks.Person.Contact a INNER JOIN [AdventureWorks].[HumanResources].[Employee] b ON a.ContactID

Categories : SQL
Apply a bug-fix patch in Liferay 6.0.6 CE
The reason you don't find this fix in the 6.0.x branch is that these branches are no longer supported/updated. You'll be able to find the fix in trunk (or in the 6.1 codebase). I found two commits in that were labelled with LPS-13436 - you'd basically need to backport them to 6.0.6 yourself. One of the commits is 9711c0d77db2c5eb7043fcaccace75a7b89737b7

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