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Multiple GET requests within javascript

What you want is to fire all get's immediately. And let each $.get handler do the following:

  1. save its result so that it is accessible to all $.get handlers
  2. check if all $.get have been resolved (successfully or not)

You can do it manually by keeping track of each $.get's status in an object and checking that object as each $.get is getting resolved. E.g. here is a very rough outline

var states = {};
function all_done() {... check states, returns
boolean }
// first req
states["req#1"] = {state:"pending", value:null}
$.get("req-1", function(...){
    states["req#1"].value = "..."
    states["req#1"].state = "resolved"
    if (all_done()) ...
}, error handler....)
// second req -- same thing


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