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How can I reliably detect the browser without using window.navigator?

A thought:

  • IE uses ActiveX (still does up to IE11, legacy), You can fairly easy deduce the fact that the user is using IE from looking at activeX availability, however if the security settings are on, you need to fall back on, guess what, other feature detection.
  • Chrome and Firefox both support the use of extensions, maybe detecting these extensions will help
  • Chrome has the window['chrome']['webstore'] object available in the global scope.
  • You can sort through the window object with Object.keys and look for vendor specific names like 'moz' or 'ms' or 'o'.

If you combine moz, ms and chrome-object you can sniff out the three largest browsers.

On a side note, feature detection is still the best option, not for the OP, but for the "I'm-just-getting-into-programming-and-I-like-to-know-how-I-sniff-out-a-browser-programmers" out there.

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I think you might be looking for the below code OT.checkScreenSharingCapability(function(response) { if (!response.supported || response.extensionRegistered === false) { // This browser does not support screen sharing } else if (response.extensionInstalled === false) { // prompt to install the response.extensionRequired extension } else { // Screen sharing is available } });

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It's not disappearing, just hidden behind #navwrapper! Take off the background-color properties of #navwrapper (in both default style and your media query) and you'll see your content. You may need to reconsider how you style your navigation!

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