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Regular expressions in Ruby with special characters

if you already know you're always splitting on the same character, you can just provide the character as a string:

   > "John Doe+123456".split('+')  #
no regular expression needed
   => ["John Doe", "123456"]

or if you have to use a regular expression, then escape the + with a :

   > "John Doe+123456".split(/+/) #
using a regular expression; escape the +
   => ["John Doe", "123456"]

last not least, here is another way to do this:

   > "John Doe+123456".scan(/[^+]+/)
# find all sequences of characters which are not a
   => ["John Doe", "123456"]

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Python: How to match special characters in regular expression?
Yes, a period '.' is a special character. Escape it with a back slash.

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Regex for password must contain at least 8 characters, at least 1 number, letters and special characters
Seems like you want something like this, ^(?=.*d)(?=.*?[a-zA-Z])(?=.*?[W_]).{6,10}$ The above regex would allow 6 to 10 characters only. And it also checks for at-least one digit, upper or lowercase letter and at-least one special character (characters other than letters and numbers).

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Why are the regular expressions not working in my php program
try this $pattern="/[a-zA-Z]+/"; instead $pattern="/^[a-zA-Z]$/"; $pattern="/[a-zA-Z]+/"; //your code if (!empty($name)) { if (preg_match($pattern,$name)) { $sql="INSERT INTO ayesha VALUES('$name')"; } else { echo("wrong syntax"); } } else { echo("missing info"); } ?>

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How to use Regular Expressions with Vim ag (silver search)
ag uses the same syntax as grep: $ ag .epart. finds 'departure' and 'departed' $ ag ^The finds all lines starting with 'The' $ ag s{2} finds 'Odessa' I'm not familiar with that ag.vim plugin but I guess that something like the following should find all lines ending with Oz: :Ag Oz$ Refer to $man grep for the gory syntax details.

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This one may suit your needs: <((?:.(?!>))+.)> Debuggex Demo But I'm not sure it's much more efficient than using a lazyness cardinality (i.e. .*?).

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