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Search a listbox, results will not highlight when searching results found

Your logic would only work if the last item was the match.

For Each item As String In
  If item.ToUpper.Substring(0,
24).Contains(strSearchField.ToUpper) Then
    lstMain.SelectedItem = item
    Exit For 'so the found item stays selected
  End If


For i As Integer = 0 To
lstMain.Items.Count - 1
  If lstMain.Items(i).ToUpper.Substring(0,
24).Contains(strSearchField.ToUpper) Then
    lstMain.SelectedIndex = i
    Exit For 'so the found item stays selected
  End If

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Replace old-page.php code with redirection code to new-page.php. so in your case if you want to a new search.php code you should have two php files. First, the old-search.php which contains the following code, and then the new-search.php code which is the one that should be specified in the link. ---old-search.php--- <?php // PHP permanent URL redirection header("Location: http://www.yourdoma

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Access Google Search results
Check out the OpenFooty API, as it may have the information you're looking for. Results can be obtained in XML, PHP array, and JSON formats. They seem to have lots of different information available, but not knowing your requirements I can't say if it'll be perfect for you. To be sure, though, it'll be much easier than scraping a bunch of websites. Good luck!

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Using RSACryptoServiceProvider on Azure web site results in file not found error
Thanks Simon - that pointed me in the right direction. Turns out you need to specify that the key be created in a machine store. Code that worked is: System.Security.Cryptography.CspParameters csp = new CspParameters(); csp.KeyContainerName = "MyKeyName"; csp.Flags = CspProviderFlags.UseMachineKeyStore; Note the addition of the line specifying "UseMachineKeyStore"

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one_of(vector) inside mutate_each results in object not found
You'll need to install and load the package lazyeval and then you could use one of the following options: require(lazyeval) require(dplyr) test %>% mutate_each_(funs(as.numeric), interp(~one_of(cm), var = %>% str() Or, a shorter version: test %>% mutate_each_(funs(as.numeric), cm) %>% str() Both will do the same in this case.

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How to get the next page of results from Bing Search Container in C#?
Solved this. Actually it is very simple. The "$skip", 20 query option sets the off-set for the pages such that if I have an off-set of 0 I get the first 50 images, an off-set of 50 I get the next 50 images and so on.

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