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dsl for capturing field name

The field method takes a T => Unit function as parameter. Hence, the lambda _.age, which is equivalent to x => x.age, is typechecked as returning Unit. The compiler warns that you are using a pure expression (x.age) in statement position (expected type Unit), which basically means that the expression is useless, and might as well be removed.

There is a very simple symptomatic solution to your problem: replace m: T => Unit by m: T => Any. Now your expression x.age is not in statement position anymore, and the compiler is happy.

But your code suggests that there is something wrong a little bit deeper, since you obviously don't use the result of m anywhere. Why is m for anyway?

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Your impression is correct. They are 2 different objects which you can test using bool areEqual = movies[0] == actors[0].Movies[0]; which will return false (unless you have overloaded the == and != operators to compare the Title property for equality). If you wanted them to be the same object then you would need something like var movies = ..... var actors = new List<Actor>() { new Act

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EXC_BAD_ACCESS when capturing a GPU frame
This was indeed due to some GL state being left over, specifically a glVertexAttribPointer. The reason I didn't catch it was because it was an order of operations problem directly within the 3d engine itself: child objects were being iterated (and rendered) before some state was cleared up. (Apologies, this was a tediously project-specific issue)

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JS RegExp capturing parentheses
It means that the match result (obtained from the capturing group) can be accessed by referring to that specific group number [1] .. [n] where n represents the number of the capturing group you want to access. Note: [0] applies to the overall match result. var r = 'red apple'.match(/(red|green) apple/i); if (r) console.log(r[0]); //=> "red apple" # entire overall match console.

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Capturing kill code of go process?
You can catch signals using the os/signal package. You can catch SIGINT with code something like this: import ( "os" "os/signal" ) ... // the signal module will lose notifications if the channel is not ready to receive, so give it a buffer ch := make(chan os.Signal, 5) go func() { for sig := range ch { // interrupt signal received os.Exit(0) } }() signal.Notify(c

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I used the followed code: # import _pytest.capture def get_capman(plugin_manager): capman_list = filter(lambda p: isinstance(p, _pytest.capture.CaptureManager), plugin_manager._plugins) return capman_list[0] if len(capman_list) == 1 else None def get_xdist_slave(plugin_manager): # TODO: have no idea how to check isinstance "__channelexec__.SlaveInteractor" slave_lis

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