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Your Ruby version is 2.0.0, but your Gemfile specified 2.1.2 without update Gemfile

RVM and RBenv are actually similar tools. There are no practical reasons to keep them alongside each other in one session (and on one machine most of the time). They both rely on modifying PATH environment variable to get the Ruby and supplementary binaries closer for easy use.

And that's what RVM complains about: PATH is not what it expects to be. That said, RBEnv apparently tampered with it. Since these tools do their best to overtake ruby, gem, irb and stuff, they may very well conflict with each other on occasions.

So, remove one of them. Which one, is up to you. Removing RVM is as easy as:

rvm implode

...that will remove RVM's files, rubies and gems for them, but you might also want to inspect .bash_profile, .profile and .bashrc for relevant lines.

The uninstallation process for RBEnv seems to be the manual one: remove the folder, review the files listed above for relevant lines.

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What version of ruby are you using? ruby -v It sounds like the Gemfile has a ruby requirement listed for 2.1.2. You may need to install that version: rbenv install 2.1.2 Then you may need to tell rbenv to use that version for that project: rbenv local 2.1.2 It looks like the rbenv team/community decided against adding support for ruby versions specified in the Gemfile. Reference: htt

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This is a very legacy codebase and bundler is not initialized. So in order to install its gem files you need to run the following command: rake gems:install checkout their environment file: config/environment.rb And they have defined some possible steps to run that project I think you should read them carefully. For your reference, I am sharing here again: rails goo cd goo script/plugin insta

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You are not correct here. If you explicitely state <version>1.0.1</version> in your pom, it is garanteed that this version will be used over transitive dependencies that could use different version.

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Is there a tool to update a project to a new version of Java?
You can accomplish your goal by manipulating your build environment in Eclipse. Just switch your JRE System Library being used for the project to Java 7 and see what breaks (Project > Java Build Path > Select and Edit JRE System Library) . Eclipse will give you fix suggestions if they are available for each issue. You can see a list of errors in the "Problems" view (Window > Show View > Problems)

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Your question is kind-of unclear, but this is my answer for you. It seems that you want to know whether to turn to a third party app to install a newer version of python, or you want to use apt-get to install it. That question, I feel, is answered by this.

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