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Unable to retrieve auth token in Android client

I figured out what was the problem.It appears when you add a header for your request, end-of-line character only cause problems for POST request. The fix was to change the bitmask to make sure the end of line character is not present. I replaced this line:

String header = "Basic " +


String header = "Basic " +

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Unable to retrieve the month from date parameter using vba function in mdx
(try uppercase 'MM' rather than 'mmm' - even 'mm' is wrong as it will look for minutes rather than months) This question and answer looks at working with dates: Changing a date format to a shorter date MSDN is a good reference for the available vba functions in mdx that you can use to play around with dates. Current link is here: I'm assumin

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Powershell - Unable to retrieve active directory attribute after clearing it
You might be removing the property from the AD object and not it's value during the command: $directoryEntry.Properties["netbootmachinefilepath"].Clear() You Could try something like this to clear the Value of the property not the property its self. $directoryEntry.Properties["netbootmachinefilepath"].Value = $null Or $directoryEntry.Properties["netbootmachinefilepath"].Value.Clear() Also

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Unable to install mysql-client using chef cookbook on a vagrant box
Try to update mysql cookbook to newer version. Installing rubygem has been moved into its own cookbook, is now done in mysql-chef_gem cookbook. Best way to manage a cookbook or an application's Cookbook dependencies is to use berkshelf. With berkshelf you can easily vendor your cookbooks per project basis, and then use those vendors versions for provisioning your machine. There you can specify

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AngularJS - unexpected token "catch" on cordova android
Despite @Pointy's point, .catch() is the usual way of doing things with angualr promises (and the q library in general). I imagine that this is actually a bug in the version of android that you are testing on (as evidenced by the fact it works in a newer version). You could try using the (equivalent) square bracket notation to call the function, like this: $http(options) .then( function () { /

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Spring OAuth2 Generate Access Token per request to the Token Endpoint
Updated on 21/11/2014 When I double check, I found that InMemoryTokenStore use a OAuth2Authentication's hash string as key of serveral Map. And when I use same username, client_id, scope.. and I got same key. So this may leading to some problem. So I think the old way are deprecated. The following is what I did to avoid the problem. Create another AuthenticationKeyGenerator that can calculate un

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