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Dynamically appending .or() calls to an active record query based on array elements

You can use inject to build your query:


This form takes all the elements but the first one, and for each they append .or(ary[i]) to the result, where the initial value is Object.where(ary[0]).

Another way of doing the same thing is using a block:

{ |query, cond| query.or(cond) }

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How to get unique records from Active Record rails 4 based on a column
customer.payments.where(:customer_sign_up =>"created_at.desc").first I've gone for the most recent here with the order field, you can adjust that to whatever you want to use as the criteria for choosing a single payment.

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Codeigniter active record - query 3 tables
Try this $this->db->from("projects p"); $this->db->select("p.id_project,c.categories,"); $this->db->join("projects_categories pc","pc.id_project = p.id_project","LEFT"); $this->db->join("categories c","c.id_category = pc.id_category","LEFT"); $result=$this->db->get()->result_array(); Now $result is your array.

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validating array objects in active record
You are doing 2 thing at the same time - you use Rails' validates and custom validate. Choose one. In order to use custom validation you have to write the method (what you've done almost Ok): validate :check_weightage def check_weightage errors.add(:weightage, "should be greater than or equal to zero") unless (weightage && weightage >= 0 && weightage.is_a? Integer) end

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Iterate over an Active Record Relation in Rails 3.2
Problem is here: <%= @items.each do |r| %> This line of code iterates over each of the relations and due to the '=' you output its content. Change it to: <% @items.each do |r| %> and you are good to go!

Categories : Ruby On Rails
How to select particular column when using join in active record
Have you tried it like this: $criteria = new CDbCriteria; $criteria->with = 'tagging'; $criteria->select = 'tagging.tag_name'; $criteria->together = true; $criteria->addCondition('t.topic_id = '.$topic->id, 'AND'); $criteria->addCondition('t.version_name = 1', 'AND'); $tags = TopicTagMap::model()->findAll($criteria); You have to define relation in Tagg

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