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Search function not displaying correct records PHP

I could be wrong, but try changing your query to this

 $sql = "SELECT gameSerial, gameTitle,
gameYear, gameCost FROM games WHERE gamesYear

I'm not sure what the 'WHERE 1' and... thing was

Also, you added an extra s to your PHP variable

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Displaying a JSON Google Search in The LogCat
Try this code for making your network call, it should work properly for at least getting the data from the internet and then posting it in the LogCat. public class GetSearchData extends AsyncTask<Void,Void,Void> { @Override protected Void doInBackground(Void... params) { String url = "";

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Solr search used method queryForFacetPage only 10 records return
I'm guessing you're using the Spring Data Solr-framework from your method names. Here you can set the facet.limit option through setFacetLimit, which defaults to 10. This sets the number of terms returned for each facet. You can set the value to a negative value to return all terms, but if you need a certain amount of terms - use a specific value instead so Lucene can shortcut the facet building i

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Hibernate Search. Exclusion from indexing records with specific properties
You can do this by implementing EntityIndexingInterceptor and then define the implentation in your domain class as: @Indexed(interceptor=BookIndexingInterceptor.class) public class Book extends BaseEntity{ Example of implementation is as below: public class BookIndexingInterceptor implements EntityIndexingInterceptor<Book> { @Override public IndexingOverride onAdd(Book

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Matlab to Python conversion: Read a text file into numpy records and search array for a string
Looks like you are using Python3, which uses unicode strings as default. But the data file is ASCII, so the strings load as byte arrays. So all the strings display with the b. So to do comparisons, you need to compare byte strings to byte strings. Try: == b'b' e.g. In [21]: info.type==b'int8' Out[21]: array([ True, False, True, True, False], dtype=bool)

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Is this function correct?
I think you should handle each exception one by one. This will shorten your code. First of all note all the exceptions that ftp.close() and other methods will raise. Then handle them one by one. Example: >>> a = 5 # a is an integer >>> b = "Bingo" # b is a string >>> >>> def add_five(): try: c + 5 # c is not defined. NameError exce

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