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How to create a case insensitive Regexp from a non-case insensitive Regexp?

To add the case-insensitive "ignore case" option on the fly:

original = /abc/
insensitive =
                original.options |

To make the match case-insensitive without using the "ignore case" option, a possible solution is to create a regexp that matches uppercase letters and lowercase letter like this:

original = /abc/ 
insensitive = /[Aa][Bb][Cc]/

If your original regexps are all letters as in your examples, you can automate like this:

original = /abc/
insensitive =
"[#{$&.upcase}#$&]" })

If your original regexps are more than just letters, then you'll need a more sophisticated automation. For example, if your original regexps make use of braces, character classes, named captures, etc. then you'll need code that take these into account. (Thanks to hobbs in the comments for emphasizing this)

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Case-insensitive "contains" in Linq
the easy way is to use ToLower() method var lists = rec.Where(p => p.Name.ToLower().Contains(records.Name.ToLower())).ToList(); a better solution (based on this post: Case insensitive 'Contains(string)') var lists = rec.Where(p => CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.CompareInfo.IndexOf (p.Name, records.Name, CompareOptions.IgnoreCase) >= 0).ToList();

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You can index it with grepl by using the argument x <- c("col7", "COL73", "Col17", "CoL73", "cOl73") grepl("col73", x, # [1] FALSE TRUE FALSE TRUE TRUE Similarly, grep returns the numeric index grep("col73", x, # [1] 2 4 5 For data frame column subsets df[grepl("col73", names(df),]

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You can Use Overloaded Method IndexOf("punctuation", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase); Eg. List<string> fnColArr = new List<string>() { "Punctuation", "period", "Space", "and", "yes" }; foreach (string item in fnColArr) { if (item.IndexOf("puNctuation", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0) { Co

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Case-insensitive primary key of type nvarchar where ß != ss
The closest I can get to a workaround is using an indexed view to add a unique constraint on UPPER(ID) to stop primary key violation that is not picked up by the binary collation used on the actual primary key, e.g. CREATE TABLE CollationTest ( ID NVARCHAR(50) COLLATE Latin1_General_BIN NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_CollationTest_ID PRIMARY KEY (ID) ); GO CREATE VIEW dbo.CollationTestConst

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Your code wont compile as you are not overriding the Object's equals method which has signature like public boolean equals(Object obj) Also to do comparison, you could do the following in your modified equals as below: if (array == foo.array) { return true; } if (array == null || foo.array == null) { return false; } int length = array.length; if (foo.length != length) return f

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