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Image in tooltip

I assume you mean that you're not using WPF, but WinForms. Both can be used by C# programs (and in fact, any CLR programs, so that includes C#, VB.NET, C++/CLR, and so many more languages).

In WinForms I don't think that's supported, so you might have to be creative and do it yourself.

WPF does support it on the other hand.

P.S. The documentation you linked is for WPF. The how-to is indeed in the link you offered.
P.P.S imo you should use WPF (like, always. Unless you simply can't) - that's actually my answer.

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tooltip positionining and hiding tooltip immedately after mouse is moved out
instead of implementing your own "close" function you simply can set the show and hide properties to false when creating the tooltip. have a look at the documentation show / hide $(document).tooltip({ content: function () { return $(this).prop('title'); }, show: false, hide: false });

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Jquery: Simple tooltip help please
Updated your Fiddle again. Adjustments were to add CSS for the text: .hoverAble { display:inline; } so the div with the text has not 100% width as previously. I've added the jquery var tPos = $(this).width() + 20; $('#myToolTip').css({"left" : tPos}); before the tooltip fades in so the position of the tooltip is to the left of the div with the width of the div and added 20px as val

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Tooltip not displayed on selectOneMenu
You can use the p:tooltip to place a tooltip on any of your components. <p:selectOneMenu id="sel1menu" ...> ... </p:selectOneMenu> <p:tooltip for="sel1menu">Select this</p:tooltip>

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HighChart pie tooltip fixed
please look for followPointer: Boolean option for highchart

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Jquery Tooltip animation
You're selecting the value on page load. You are then setting the value used in the page load to be the tooltip to use every time. You're also changing all the tooltips of the page at once by registering the event on document-level. Change your code to this for it to behave in the correct way: $( '#ime' ).tooltip({ show: { effect: $( "#effect" ).val(), delay: 50 }, position: {

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