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CSS - Select all childs except the first

Use :not(:first-child)

p:not(:first-child) {
  color: red;
     <p>chapter 1, paragraph 1</p>
     <p>chapter 1, paragraph 2</p>
     <div class="section">
          <p>chapter 1, section 1, paragraph
          <p>chapter 1, section 1, paragraph
<div class="chapter"> 
     <p>chapter 2, paragraph 1</p>
     <div class="section">
          <p>chapter 2, section 1, paragraph
          <p>chapter 2, section 1, paragraph
     <div class="section">
          <p>chapter 2, section 2, paragraph
          <p>chapter 2, section 2, paragraph

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In your case the problem is with your adapter. There is a quick fix : Do not use the convertView from the getView() method in your adapter. Replace this : @Override public View getView(int position, View view, ViewGroup parent) { ViewHolder holder; if (view != null) { holder = (ViewHolder) view.getTag(); } else { final LayoutInflater mInflater = (LayoutInflat

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Laravel blade multiple select. How to select records in the pivot table?
You are almost there. First make sure you have the correct relationship defined in your project model public function users(){ return $this->belongsToMany('User'); } Now to get the ids of all assigned users: $assignedUserIds = $project->users()->lists('id'); And just pass that to the view...

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Function get hangs with python sockets and Tkinter
Its because that while loop you have never ends. If I were you, I would put everything currently in the while loop in a new definition, then at the end of the definition code write self.root.after(10, <new def name>). This will stop your code from blocking tkinter and therefore the entire program.

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Your query is quite strange. Why not just write: select user_key, (sum(333) / 10) as calculationResult from user_usage_table group by user_key; This should work in both Oracle and hive.

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How can i get Select box close event when click out of the select box any where in window?
There is no onClose event for select element. You can try the $.focusout event handler with something like this: $('#mySelect').focusout(function(){ console.log('Dropdown list 1 losing focus...'); $('#anotherElement').focus(); }); This way, when you click outside of the box, the focusout event will be fired, and it will trigger another element's focus event. Fiddle available here. $

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