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Span Not Holding Continer

That's because the span has absolute positioning, so it will be placed relative to the closest parent that doesn't have static positioning. That happens to be the div with class="col-md-12".

You can set positioning on the parent element for the fields, that will make the icon be placed relative to that:

.form-group { position: relative; }

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You need to aggregate the data and join the result back in. In your case, you want to do this with a correlated subquery that would look like this: SELECT,, sum(h.value) / (SELECT nullif(sum(h2.value), 0) FROM holdings h2 WHERE = AND h2.client_id = h.client_id ) --

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It's because "0x0" isn't numeric. It's a string. You would have to turn it into a numeric value. use strict; use warnings; my $string = "0x0"; my $number = hex($string); my $C = $number <<4 ; print $C;

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It seems to me that, in your case, it's more natural keep size_t and use ptrdiff_t instead of int for the function arguments and return values. You can find it in stddef.h and as the name suggests, it's intended to be used for array indexing and address arithmetic. Be aware that although ptrdiff_t is the result of substracting two pointers, there's no guarantee that it doesn't overflow when doing

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