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Chrome 39 XML/XSLT Renders Blank Page

The link works in Firefox but results in blank page in Chrome. I checked with webdev tools and noticed that Chrome loads the xsl files from a different url as Firefox, e.g. .._layout/arena/language.xsl (404) instead of ../_layout/language.xsl (ok). In addition in Chrome I get the error message "Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type application/xslt+xml: "".
For this issue check Chrome says: Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type application/xml

The main problem seems to be the misinterpred xsl:import and xsl:include statements which seems to be a Chrome/Webkit Bug - see e.g. or google for "xsl import relative path chrome". The first import in ladder.xsl works: <xsl:import href="../includes.xsl" /> (is loaded from ../_layout/includes.xsl). The <xsl:import href="language.xsl"/> in the includes.xsl fails in Chrome - it's resolved to ../_layout/arena/language.xsl instead of ../_layout/language.xsl. Same applies to the xsl:includes, e.g. in the language.xsl - . <xsl:include href="nav/menu.xsl" /> tries to include from ../_layout/arena/nav/menu.xsl instead of ../_layout/nav/menu.xsl.
As it seems to be a Chrome Bug, you could either try to just copy the xsl files to the location where Chrome is looking for them or try to adjust the include/import paths as Chrome seems to interpret the locations based on the main template - as "../includes.xsl" is working as import from the ladder.xsl in the arena-directory but <xsl:import href="language.xsl"/> in the includes.xsl is not resolved relative to the language.xsl, but instead relative to the ladder.xsl, changing to <xsl:import href="../language.xsl"/> might work for Chrome (but maybe won't work for other browsers, so I won't recommend that). Two suggestions - either you double the imports/includes, keeping the current imports/includes and adding each of them with a path relative to the ladder.xsl, or, which would be a cleaner solution, you check if you can move all imports and includes to the ladder.xsl and adjust the paths accordingly.

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