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NullReferenceException using StreamReader in vb

You have to initialize the array first. For example:

Dim TownList(10) As TownType

Then you have to initialize each TownList:

Do Until reader.EndOfStream = True
    Line = reader.ReadLine
    Dim record = Line.Split(",")
    Dim tt As New TownType()
    tt.Name = record(0)
    ' .... '
    TownList(Count) = tt 
    ' .....'

But since you don't know the final size of the array you should use a List(Of TownType) instead.

Dim TownList As New List(Of TownType)
Do Until reader.EndOfStream = True
    Line = reader.ReadLine
    Dim record = Line.Split(",")
    Dim tt As New TownType()
    tt.Name = record(0)
    ' .... '
    ' .....'

If you need an array you can use TownList.ToArray at the end.

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