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How to get Steam public key?

I have the same doubt. I'd not tried it yet, but:

curl -X POST
     -d username="your_username"

Gives you a RSA key...

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Domain level authentication of public API key with google calendar public calendars via PHP
If the calendars are public then you should be able to authenticate as ANY Google account and read the calendar, you don't need to authenticate as that specific user. Use standard OAuth 2.0 authentication and request offline access so that you'll get a refresh token which can be used to refresh the access token.

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Steam Web Api: CS:GO Getting Skin name of items
The skins information is saved as an attribute of the item itself. Look for the item's attributes with the defindex of 6, it's value is equal to the identifier in the schema paint_kits section. Then you'll have to translate the schema paint name to your native language to get something readable instead of aq_oiled or some other such nonsense. Lastly to get the (Battle-scarred) bit just look at

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C# WPF Steam Website age verification skip
You can utilize the unofficial Storefront API and the appdetails call to gather information about a Steam game. It does not require an age check. The basic URL you will call has this format<APPID>&filters=basic Replace <APPID> with the numeric application ID on the Steam store. The filters I've provided (basic) returns this

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Steam API - Game Controller Support
You can find this information via the unofficial StoreFront API, using the appdetails call.<<APPID>>&filters=categories Replace <<APPID>> with the numeric application ID. This will return a json object similar to this: { "440":{ "success":true, "data":{ "categories":[

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Retrieve item's price history on Steam market
I've done some more research and found the way you can retrieve the price history for an item. As an example for those who are curious, the price history for this random item "Specialized Killstreak Brass Beast" can be retrieved in this way:

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