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Strip time zone part from Time in Ruby

Are you trying to use the same literal time (ie. 10:56 ET and 10:56 PT) regardless of timezone?

Or are you trying to ensure that queries are referencing the same exact time (ie. 10:56 ET and 7:56 PT)?

For the former case (same literal time), just omit the %z or %Z from the strftime argument.

For the latter, I would recommend using Unix timestamps with Ruby's time.to_i function and MySQL's FROM_UNIXTIME() function

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Strip @ from API response with Javascript
well first of all array is probably a reserved word for any javascript parser but ignoring that try this... statuses.status[0].array = statuses.status[0]["@array"]; delete statuses.status[0]["@array"]; the reason you need to do this is because javascript doesn't support renaming keys.

Categories : Javascript
Turning an SVG strip into a 3d flat ring
You should be able to achieve that with the Mod3 library (it's Bend modifier in particular) and the three.js plugin it comes with. Be sure to check our the three.js example the library comes with. Off the top of my head, you can try this after importing the Mod3 library: var mstack = new MOD3.ModifierStack( MOD3.LibraryThree, YOUR_MESH_HERE ).worker( true ); var bend = new MOD3.Bend( ); bend.of

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Strip HTML Encodings from a String
You need to use the Javascript equivalent of decoding the URL: decodeURIComponent(): return decodeURIComponent(parameterName[1]);

Categories : Javascript
Strip radiotap headers from a pcap file
scapy is the python library you're looking for. You can read and write pcap files using rdpcap and wrpcap, as detailed in the official API documentation: rdpcap(filename, count=-1) reads a pcap file and returns the list of read packets. If count is positive, only the first count packets are read. wrpcap(filename, pkt, linktype=None) Write a packet or list of packets

Categories : Python
Python how to strip a string from a string based on items in a list
if you are not worried about punctuation: >>> import re >>> text = "Hi team, please help me out." >>> text = re.findall("w+",text) >>> text ['Hi', 'team', 'please', 'help', 'me', 'out'] >>> " ".join(x for x in text if x.lower() not in exclude) 'help me out' In the above code, re.findall will find all words and put them in a list. w matches A-Za-z0-9

Categories : Python
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