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Conditional update and delete based on other rows

How about first deleting all values of 11111 where there is a vendor 99999. Then do the updating on values and rows.

delete t from replenish_vendor t
    where vendor_code = 111111 and
          exists (select 1 from replenish_vendor
t2 where t2.item_code = t.item_code and
t2.vendor_code = 99999);

update replenish_vendor t
    set vendor_code = 99999,
        primary_vendor = 'F'
    where vendor_code = 111111;

Your text suggests that you want the primary vendor to be set of F in this case. The first delete might need to take into account the primary_vendor.

If you have any possibility of other database manipulations happening on the database, you should wrap these in a single transaction, so other transactions will not interfere with the data.

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