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Calling an Oracle procedure within a package from a different schema?

ADMIN_PROYECTOS.PQ_PaqueteIntegrantes TO Admin

Then, you can call the procedures in this package with Admin user as

paNombre, paNombre);

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Enterprise library-Database Trace Lister calling oracle stored Procedure- Is there a way to see the command executed by the logger
I dont know think we can see the request sent by the Entrprise library. But in the stored procedure you are missing the "out" parameter. The Database Trace listener sends a request and expects a response. so your stored procedures parameters should be something like this EventID VARCHAR2, Priority VARCHAR2, Severity VARCHAR2, Title VARCHAR2, Timestamp Date, MachineNa

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Select Command in a procedure in SQL (ORACLE)
Try this way using collections: First you must create the collection where you will store your LOG query results: CREATE TYPE LOG_OBJECT AS OBJECT (CODIGO_CLIENTEO INTEGER, EMAILO VARCHAR (30), TELEFONEO NUMERIC (9, 0), NOMEO VARCHAR (50), TIPOO VARCHAR (20)); CREATE TYPE LOG_TABLE AS TABLE OF LOG_OBJECT; Later you create your procedure like this: CREAT

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Oracle SQL : Query/Procedure to get rows for only Ids having more than one row
SELECT * FROM inventory WHERE inventory.personID IN (SELECT i.personID FROM inventory i WHERE i.type='Book' GROUP BY i.personID HAVING COUNT(*)>1)x AND inventory.type='Book'

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Java block when execute Oracle Procedure
JDBC statements will generally make the java process wait for the result (or error). If you want to let your application go on while executing your database code, use a backend thread to call the execute() method. Also know that there may or may not be timeouts at the Database layer, so methods that do not respond after a certain while can time out; those will not return a message to the JDBC lay

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Calling PL/SQL procedure with SYS_REFCURSOR as IN parameter using JDBC
To me a java Class with individual cursor record fields , as it members and a Array of instances of this class seems the proper way to represent a plsql CURSOR. I disagree. If you have a stored function or procedure that either returns a ref cursor or has a ref cursor as an OUT parameter, the ref cursor comes out of JDBC as a ResultSet. So, if it were possible to call a stored procedure wit

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