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Email compose view in rails

You need to create a controller which handles your view, and in that controller you need to call the mailer somewhat like this: (you'll need to change the names of your form fields to match the params in the call or vice versa)

  Notifier::send_email( params[:email],
params[:subject], params[:body]).deliver

I'd recommend to check out these RailsCasts:

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bulk email using send grid in rails
You are grabbing an array of ActiveRecord objects with @subscribers = Subscriber.where(activated: true) and passing that into the smtpapi header. You need to pull out the email addresses of those ActiveRecord objects. Depending on what you called the email field, this can be done with headers['X-SMTPAPI'] = { :to => }.to_json

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Rails send model update email when a submodel is created
In general you can use model callbacks for that. You don't need to call the mailer methods on the controller but in an after_create/after_save/after_update hook for example. class ModelA < ActiveRecord::Base after_create { |instance| Emailer.delay.new_model_a( } after_update { |instance| Emailer.delay.edit_model_a(inst

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Google Apps Script - How to get email addresses from Sheet2 and send email
The question is a little broad, and there are many ways to do what you're looking for. It's tough to say what you should choose when the specifics of your application aren't clear, such as how many addresses are going to be on Sheet 2, and if you really need to go through an 'if' statement, but I'll offer two potential solutions here that may be of use. Solution 1: What I was trying to ascertain

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Facebook Messenger Compose Predefined Message
You should send content via messenger using FBSDKShareKit. Import FBSDKShareKit #import <FBSDKShareKit.h> Create content and share FBSDKShareLinkContent *content = [[FBSDKShareLinkContent alloc] init]; content.contentURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@""]; content.contentTitle = @"My link!"; content.contentDescription = @"Check out my link!"; [FBSDKMessageDialog showWithCont

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How to compose mutable objects const correctly
The easy approach to const correctness: Use transitive const. It seems you are asking for a little too much for free at the language level. It's actually designed (among other things) so that you pay for what you use, and to be safe and performant. And yes, it can be very verbose. As far as containers which are physically-const-aware, C++ is certainly capable of supporting the distinction; e.g.:

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