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How to elegantly search an array of struct in C#, porting from C++?

1) Use auto properties, and use a class for SPeriodInfo (class and struct have very different semantics in C#)

class SPeriodInfo
    public string   strItem   { get; private set;
    public int      nItemData { get; private set;
    public float    fPeriod   { get; private set;

    public SPeriodInfo(string item, int itemData,
float period)
        strItem = item;
        nItemData = itemData;
        fPeriod = period;

2) Don't use a hand-written loop to search for the period, you can use Array.Find or Linq :

float fPeriod = Array.Find(PeriodInfo,
    element => element.nItemData ==


float fPeriod =
PeriodInfo.FirstOrDefault(p=>p.nItemData ==

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