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Getting error that Conversion from String to Long is Not Valid in

The expressionIf No1 Or No2 Or No3 = No4 assumes that No1 and No2 are of type Boolean. You cannot apply the Or operator to something which is not boolean.

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Getting error : String was not recognized as a valid DateTime in c#
If you don't exactly know what is coming in, you have virtually no change of getting the date format in correctly. Take this sample: 01/02/2014 Is this the 2nd of January or the 1st of February? If you do know the formats, you could use TryParseExact and just walk down the list until one matches: DateTime d; if (DateTime.TryParseExact(encrypt[1], "dd/MM/yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, o

Categories : C#
error "array to string conversion" in FacebookCurl.php
Looks like in the $custom_image just the path to the image is required but you are assigning the whole $_FILES[] compound array to it. Try replacing this line $custom_image=$_FILES['custom_image']; in your code with this, $custom_image=$_FILES['custom_image']['tmp_name']; and see if it works

Categories : PHP
Compass ERROR: no implicit conversion of Array into String
The import statement needs to be relative to your images directory, it's not relative to your sass file.

Categories : CSS
boost filesystem canonical path is not valid after conversion to const char *
Despite not being standard practice, forward slashes are also accepted on Windows, that's why boost isn't forcing the conversion. However, some libs won't accept forward slashes. boost::filesystem::path::make_preferred()[1] is meant to solve such situations, by converting the path to the system's preferred representation (i.e. using backslashes on Windows). [1] This older reference makes that be

Categories : C++
How to fix this error: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'String or binary data would be truncated.' to data type int
The error is pretty self explanatory. Try replacing N.value('(ControlID)[1]', 'NVarchar(MAX)'), N.value('(MaxLength)[1]', 'NVarchar(MAX)'), with N.value('(ControlID)[1]', 'int'), N.value('(MaxLength)[1]', 'int'), EDIT: Check source table: IPAddress varchar(1) - in the actual insert I notice an IPAddress of varchar(20). You should alter table and increase this column width.

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