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edit specific id from url in Angular

If you need to refer to data.ID in the view and you have ?data=23 in your url then you should use $location to define it in the controller like so:

function($scope, $location) {
  $ = $

and now it would be available to your view as data.ID

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Testing angular project service for specific headers in $http requests using $httpBackend, jasmine
A couple of links helped me. Testing AngularJs' $http.defaults.headers.common if specific header is set $httpBackend .expect('POST', '', userObj, function (headers) { expect(headers['content-type']).toBe('application/x-www-form-urlencoded'); // MU

Categories : Javascript
Finding Paths with Neo4j Cypher Below a Given Length, but Excluding Those with an Nodes with a Specific Property set to a Specific Value
I think this does what I want: MATCH path=(topic: attribute)-[rel:describedBy|influences]-(node: attribute) WHERE id(topic) IN [128204] RETURN DISTINCT extract(r IN rels(path) | r) UNION MATCH path=(topic: attribute)-[rel1: describedBy|influences]-(intermediate: attribute)-[rel2: describedBy|influences]-(node: attribute) WHERE id(topic) IN [128204] AND NOT intermediate.key in ['enrichment', 'clas

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how to tar specific directories with specific names ( date month name )
Using gnu find you can do: find /var/tmp/all-results_dir -type f -newermt '2014-07-01' ! -newermt '2014-08-01' -exec tar -rzf /var/TAR/results_2014_Jul.tar.gz {} + -newermt '2014-07-01' ! -newermt '2014-08-01' will find all files modified in the month of July 2014. tar -rzf will append files in the archive. Script #!/bin/bash find . -name 'f*' -newermt "2014-$1-01" ! -newerm

Categories : Linux
i want to open a specific file extension on my pc with a specific program
First associate a file type to your extension: assoc .abs=ABSFile Then set up an application to open that file type: ftype ABSFile="C:Path To Your AppYourExeName.exe" %1 %* For more information, see the MS TechNet documentation, or type assoc /? or ftype /? from a command prompt.

Categories : Windows
Adjusting the height of ui-view element[Angular.js Angular UI Router]
I created an example with a basic layout. It should show or give some answers how to use UI-Router, HTML and CSS. The idea of layout is: fixed top bar fixed left column dynamic central area inte index.html <div ui-view=""></div> we inject layout.tpl: <div> <section class="top"> <div ui-view="top"></div> </section> <section class="middle"

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