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NGINX - Prevent directory traversal attack

To create absolutely isolated environments, you should

a) use Apache backend + suexec + mod_php, because php-fpm does not supports "suexec" as fully as Apache does

b) create not only individual users but also individual groups per your domains

c) configure a couple of name-base virtual hosts, one per domain serviced (hope, you've done already), and set the individual username as suexec parameter

In this case you cat setup 0700 rights to your domain DocumentRoots, and filesystem permissions will definitely separate your domainsusers each from other.

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How to prevent Directory.GetFiles to "check" recycle bin and other "unsafe" places?
You can try this foreach(string filePath in Directory.GetFiles(string path, string searchPattern, System.IO.SearchOption)) { try { //do something with file } catch(UnauthorizedAccessException ex) { //email yourself about exception or just log it somewhere. } }

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How to use Format String Attack
First of all I recommend that you read the book Hacking: The Art of Exploitation. It is very good. Now I try to explain how you can exploit your program. I assume that you know some basics about Format String Exploits, so I don't have to start from the very beginning. However it is important to disable ASLR and compile the executable without stack protection. # disable ASLR @> echo 0 | sudo t

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Validating webservice parameters for XSS attack - Axis2, Java
As you mentioned approach 2 is the ideal one and you can use Apache Commons Lang library's StringEscapeUtils which has methods escapeHtml, escapeJavascript and escapeXml which can eliminate Front end code before saving it into the database. This will prevent XSS but can not guarantee SQL Injection prevention.

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Disconnected node during Graph traversal
To my understanding, BFS would keep looking for unvisited nodes as long as they exist; however, if this is not done, BFS only visits nodes in the connected component of the initial vertex. This seems to be more a matter of definition than an actual programming problem; simply restart the BFS implementation on unvisited nodes as long as they exist - if visiting of all connected components is desire

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Speeding up binary tree traversal with multiple processors Haskell (parallel)
Your parallel countBoxes needs an NFData (Tree x) instance to use force on the Tree xs left and right. You can require that one exists by adding NFData x to the context for the type signature for countBoxes. -- Parallel function to count leaves in tree countBoxes :: NFData x => Tree x -> Int ... NFData x is enough to deduce NFData (Tree x) from due to your instance NFData a => NFData

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