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Is there a way to get a get linebreaks back after appending text file into a StringBuffer?

Use System.getProperty("line.separator"); instead of to avoid any platform dependency.

Line separators might vary depending on the OS used:

  1. - *nix systems
  2. - Windows systems

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Trying to add linebreaks to every found pattern in string
Assuming that you don't have any separator you can use the '.edu' as a separator because you know that It will be founded in any email you have, so you can try something like this: JS var str = ''; var emails = str.split('.edu'); var result = document.getElementById('result'); for(var i = 0, len = emails.length; i < l

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Replacing individual characters in a StringBuffer
This is an off-by-one error. The first two parameters to replace(...) are the starting index of the substring to replace, inclusive, and the ending of the substring to replace, exclusive. By using the same value for both, you are in effect "replacing" the nothing between indexes 1 and 2. This inclusive/exclusive way of expressing a range is extremely common.

Categories : Java
Appending a csv file
OpenMode.Random is used for reading/writing files that have a fixed width record. It is unclear from your post if you actually have fixed width records (my hunch is you don't). At any rate, to properly read/write in random mode you'd have to declare a structure that defines the length of each record and also tell the system the length of the record when you open it (so that it can move that many

Categories : Vb.Net
Bitwise AND/OR Operator is Appending?
Remember that base is 16, i.e. 10000 in binary. Now AND it with 00001 and see what's happening. 10000 & 00001 = 0 ->0 in any base 10000 | 00001 = 10001 -> 17 in decimal

Categories : C++
Appending ranges in loop
First off, the end result of your code would appear to be similar to just auto cc(aaa); boost::stable_sort(cc); (Assuming, from your sample code, that aaa contains integers in the range [0..size()-1)) If you can afford to simply copy, just use a backinsert iterator: std::vector<int> cc; for (size_t i = 0; i < aaa.size(); ++i) boost::copy(boost::equal_range(aaa, i), back_inserter(

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