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How to order SQL by duplicates with an inner join?

From your tries,this is what i figured out.May be you have to use a subquery. If you could provide some sample data it would be much clearer

      SELECT results.Title as Title , results.Tags
as Tags
      FROM results 
      INNER JOIN tags
      ON results.ID = tags.ID
      WHERE tags.Tag 
      IN (?,?,?)

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Is there a LinkedHashSet / Map equivalent, with order preserved for inserted duplicates?
1) Adding a duplicate into a Set does not do anything (it returns false immediately, and contents of the Set are not affected), regardless of particular implementation, be it a HashSet, a TreeSet or a LinkedHashSet. 2) Check out LinkedHashMap, it is, probably, the closest to what you want. It has a boolean argument to the constructor, that lets you specify whether you want it to use "insertion-or

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explode function isn't retaining order but putting words into alphabetical order within the array
explode doesn't change the order of the string elements check the result of this <?php $arr = explode(",", $variable); foreach($arr as $element) { echo $element; }

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SQL server SORT order does not correspond to ASCII code order
The collation is not BINARY. It is CI case insensitive, so it will fold upper and lowercase characters to sort the same. It defines the sort order of punctuation and digits in a non-ASCII way as you have discovered. It is a SQL collation, doing what SQL collations do: define the sort order according to some particular rules.

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Using a cache on your FRC isn't likely to help, though it probably isn't the cause of this issue. I guess that you haven't configured a fetch request or in-memory managedObjectCache (to be used by RKManagedObjectStore) as this is the mechanism which allows RestKit to find existing items in the data store and update them instead of create new instances.

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Returning duplicates based on one value in SQL
You should use only City in the group by clause and also use SUM(Orders.Pieces * products.Price) TotalPrice in the SELECT clause to get the total sum from each city order (Sum of Products).

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