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How to enable/disable push notification from the app iOS 8

The registerForRemoteNotificationTypes method is deprecated. Apple lists the new method that you should use (registerForRemoteNotifications).

Hard to tell if your question is about the warning you get, or about it functioning as you expect it to.

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Enable/Disable Android Navbar
I think this is what you may be looking for: getActionBar().hide(); this will hide it. and then this to show it again: getActionBar().show();

Categories : Java
C# Enable and Disable Validators on Web Form
use ValidationGroup in all validation with same group name and give same group name for button also Exapmle <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="tb1"></asp:TextBox> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator runat="server" ID="rfv1" ControlToValidate="tb1" ErrorMessage="*" ValidationGroup="gvSave"> </asp:RequiredFieldValidator> <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="tb2" Visible="false"><

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How to enable/disable a magnetic grid in Java
Consider using a JLayeredPane, and adding as one layer a JPanel holding a grid of JPanels. When you want the grid functioning, then when a component is released over the GUI, the JPanel cell that contains your mouse pointer can accept the component and can perhaps center it using a GridBagLayout. When you want to place items in a free-hand way, then add them to a JPanel layer of the JLayeredPane t

Categories : Java
Enable/disable dialog button on item click
int listItem; default setenabled false. setonitemclicklistner on listview; on item click listItem=position and change coloe of selected item and set enabled true

Categories : Android
Enable/Disable a control using Dependency Property in windows Phone
In your control binding for the button, you aren't actually binding to a value. The value converter code doesn't run because there is nothing prompting it to run. Instead, you would need to bind to a property value, and have that value change when a character is typed in either box, for example. Also, looking at your dependency properties, there is no place where you are actually calling the sett

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How to enable/disable push notification from the app iOS 8
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