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Data table calculation error referencing a cell with text field

Excel does return TRUE when comparing a string to a number like this (why Excel does this a can't say)

The fix is to test for a number in the OBESE formula


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Here's an example of what you are trying to do: To only look at visible rows when calculating your sum, you can add a condition like this: if ( $(this).parent().css('display') != 'none' ) You'll also want to update the sums every time you add a new column. You can do that by wrapping your sum calculation in a function (in this case, updateSums) and call it wit

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Multiple column foreign key referencing on the same key from a table
Avoid storing the same kind of information in different columns, otherwise you end up with problems like the one you have encountered. Instead you should store each piece of information in its own row. First, normalize your data schema by introducing another table called e.g. scedule_subject_currents, so that you have Table "schedules" ------------------------- | sched_id | sched_name | --------

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I came up with the following horrendous mess. There is some hope that your DBMS's query optimizer can do something reasonable with it, in part because it avoids correlated subqueries. Indeed, there is even some hope that your DBMS will accept the query more or less as written. SELECT MonthlyForecast.Month AS ForecastMonth, MonthlyForecast.Skill AS Skill, (MonthlyForecast.Total + COALESCE(

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Order by selected tables field from other table field, hibernate or simple sql
Try this one : SELECT FROM Product p JOIN (SELECT pro_id, Max(value) AS value FROM Product_details GROUP BY pro_id) pd ON p.pro_id = pd.pro_id ORDER BY pd.value

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First, use the ON clause for JOINs. Second, I don't think it's possible to get all possible combinations, but for three blog content tables, you could go for something like this. SELECT, blog_content.model, blog_content.model_id, FROM blogs JOIN blog_entry ON = blog

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