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Admob integration on intel xdk

Please see the XDK demo apps for an example of how to integrate an admob plugin. You will need to work with code, so if that is something you don't feel comfortable with you'll have to do some further investigation to learn how to work with code.

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3D Convolution using Intel MKL
Intel has an example on their page of a 3D FFT, which should be helpful for performing convolution by multiplication in frequency space. Sorry I don't have a full solution: Three-Dimensional REAL FFT (C Interface) #include "mkl_dfti.h" float x[32][100][19]; float _Complex y[32][100][10]; /* 10 = 19/2 + 1 */ DFTI_DESCRIPTOR_HANDLE my_desc_handle; MKL_LONG status, l[3]; MKL_LONG strides_out[4];

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Want to create API for my android application done using Intel XDK
I can't comment yet, so here you go. Take a look at this intro by intel: It's basically jquery. In your case, your db call would look like this : $.get("https://yourdsp/rest/db/:table").then(function(result){ //do something with result }

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What happens if I didn't link my app from admob
As Google Support has noted, it can take up to a week for your app to be findable by AdMob. Doesn't matter if it's already available in the Play Store. If after a week it still doesn't show up you can contact the support.

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AdMob using in splash screen
You can use splash screen as a rootview controller. Add background image of splash screen on that view controller.That means your view controller will act as splash screen. Here you can add your code for admob.Otherwise it is not possible. One more thing, if ad takes much time to display on splash screen, apple can reject your app. Reference from apple document- "As much as possible, avoid display

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Flash Pro Admob Banners
maybe you can try to run this flash is a file by flash pro cc

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