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How to write a jquery plugin that works with multiple elements?

I'd suggeset:

(function ($) {
    $.fn.colify = function () {
        // return the results of calling the
methods for chaining,
        // note that 'this' refers to the jQuery
collection (not DOM nodes):
        return this.css("color", function () {
            // using the anonymous function
available to 'css()',
            // this here refers to the individual
DOM node over
            // which jQuery is iterating in CSS():
            return $(this).data('color');


JS Fiddle demo.

Although you don't need to invoke jQuery, or use data(), within the css() call, you could simply use HTMLElement.dataset to access the data-* attributes:

(function ($) {
    $.fn.colify = function () {
        return this.css("color", function () {
            // this.dataset.color returns the
attribute value from 'data-color',
            // if that returns undefined (or a
falsey value) 'black' is used instead:
            return this.dataset.color || 'black';


JS Fiddle demo.

Or this.getAttribute('data-color') could be used (which is likely useful to support older browsers) in place of this.dataset.color (JS Fiddle demo).


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