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Play framework in Scala deployment

All you need to run a Play app is a JVM. Play is container-less. So deploying your Play app in production is as simple as running a script that invokes a fat jar with all the other required jars in the classpath.

$play dist should generate a zip file that contains everything you need to run the app.

You can use Ansbile to automate. To deploy Play Framework apps in AWS (Amazon) ec2 using Ansible playbook

As well as Chef.

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Remove prefixed attribute in scala (scala-xml)
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Scala - Getting the error scala.xml.NodeSeq
You are mixing up the types. Menu takes List[String] and not scala.xml.NodeSeq. You get the error, because you are passing the whole node (scala.xml.NodeSeq), not just the content of it. I can recommend this blogpost to review for further explanation: I would recommend to get your representation right first always. The

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IIS URL Rewrite re-appears after deployment
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JSF Project deployment fails if it contains an JPA entity
I found wildfly error messages on my terminal: Caused by: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Table "APPLICATIONUSER" already exists; SQL statement: create table ApplicationUser (id bigint not null, primary key (id)) Now its easy to solve

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