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How does one generate an HMAC string in Elixir?

When you using :crypto.hmac/3 its return base 16 integer in binary format, your problem could be solved like this:

:crypto.hmac(:sha256, "key", "The quick
brown fox jumps over the lazy dog")
|> Base.encode16

This is match example from

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Any way to split python string without generate new strings?
In Python, strings are immutable. This means that any operation that changes the string will create a new string. If you are worried about memory (although this shouldn't be much of an issue unless you are dealing with gigantic strings), you can always overwrite the old string with the new, modified string, replacing it. The situation you are describing is a little different though, because the

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How to make Pyxb not to generate xsi:type=string?
Without seeing the schema a definitive answer can't be given. xsi:type can be added by the infrastructure that generates the XML from an instance in order to work around improper schema embedded in WSDL documents, but this is not the default. A related case is when an element has type xs:any or has an abstract type but the value isn't compatible with it: in those cases PyXB adds the type to ensu

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Generate N "random" string of length K using probability table
I'm sure there is a cleaner/better way, but here is one easy way to do this. Here we're filling pick_list with the 100 separate character-pair values, the number of values determined by the probability. In this case, there are 20 'aa', 30 'ab' and 50 'ac' entries within pick_list. Then random.choice(pick_list) uniformly pulls a random entry from the list. import random prob_table = {'aa': 0.2

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Why String created using new operator creates string literal in string pool
First, I recommend that you not use new String("abc") because it behaves as you described. Second, when you use new you should expect a new Object instance will be created and it is.

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OracleParameterCollection.Add(string, type, string, size, string)
You need to get rid of the colons in the Parameters.Add: da.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add(":ID", OracleType.Number, 22, "ID"); should be da.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add("ID", OracleType.Number, 22, "ID"); The colon is used in the actual SQL string to denote a bind parameter. When you create the parameter, just name without the colon. See example here

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