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Developing player rankings with ELO

Don't get offended, it is your table that doesn't make sense.

Elo system is based on the premise that a rating is an accurate estimate of the strength, and difference of ratings accurately predicts an outcome of a match (a player better by 200 point is expected to score 75%). If an actual outcome does not agree with a prediction, it means that ratings do not reflect strength, hence must be adjusted according to how much an actual outcome differs from the predicted.

An official (as in FIDE) Elo system has few arbitrary arbitrary constants (e.g. 200/75 gauge, Erf as predictor, etc); choosing them (reasonably) different may lead to a different rating values, yet would result (in a long run) in the same ranking. There is some interesting math behind this assertion; this is not a right place to get into details.

Now back to your table. It assigns the rating based on the place, not on the points scored. The champion gets 1000 no matter whether she swept the tournament with an absolute 100% result, or barely made it among equals. These points do not estimate the strength of the participants.

So my advise is to abandon the table altogether, assign each new player an entry rating (say, 1000; it really doesn't matter as long as you are consistent), and stick to Elo from the very beginning.

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