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xslt tokenize() and "Not a node item" error

Assuming the code that triggers the error is in the named template links, then the issue is you are no longer in the context of the source XML document. You are inside an xsl:for-each on a tokenised string, so the context is an atomic value (i.e. a single string).


This means the root() function will not work because the context is a string, and not a node in a document object.

The solution is define a global variable (i.e. a child of xsl:stylesheet, outside of any templates), that references the root:

<xsl:variable name="root"
select="root()" />

Then you can change your xsl:for-each that is failing to this:

select="$root//gml:edge[(@source = $src1 and
@target = $dst1) or (@source = $dst1 and @target =

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