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C - Why is a string terminator automatically being added when assigning individual chars to the array?

It's not "automatically added". When you try to access s[3], you are accessing memory that's not part of the array s. On your machine, it appears that this memory happens to contain a null byte. You can't rely on that happening; maybe on another machine, or another run, that memory will happen to contain something else. Or maybe the computer will detect an illegal memory access and your program will crash. Or maybe your program will break in some other subtle and unexpected way.

Short answer: your program is buggy, and you can't really draw any meaningful conclusions from its behavior.

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A scanner once used can't be reset to the starting position. You have to create a new instance again. I've modified your code to possibly achieve what you're trying to do - import java.util.Scanner; import; public class LifeGrid { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { Scanner scanner = new Scanner(new File("seed.txt")); int numberOfRows = 0, columns =

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Parsing array of chars into ***char
To split a line, use strtok(). You can use this function with | as delimiter and then with : #include <string.h> int parse(char *line, char **argv, const char *delim) { int word_counter = 0 /* get the first word */ char *word = strtok(line, delim); /* walk through other words */ while (word != NULL) { printf(" %s ", word); word_counter++; /*

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Vim + solarized + terminator = keywords highlighted in black
Colorscheme authors can build their own palette from a 16,777,216 colors palette for GUI colorschemes, the 256 colors xterm palette for 256-colors terminal emulators and the 16, user-configurable, named ANSI colors in other cases. The obvious consequence is that it is extremely difficult to come up with a colorscheme that is guaranteed to look the same everywhere. The choice I've made with my co

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I would suggest undergoing a paradigm shift here. You're looking at the entire universe consisting of ''-delimited strings that define your text. Instead of looking at the world this way, why don't you try looking at the world where text is defined as a sequence defined by a beginning and an ending iterator. You mmap your file, then initially set the beginning iterator, call it beg_iter to the s

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JAVA How do you scan a .txt file and allocate individual characters it to a 2d boolean array using charAt(int)?
I just want to suggest a solution that may help you. Try to read file content and assigned into string variable. Now use string.replaceAll method to (* and _) to * = true and _ = false. Than write updated string into file.

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